They say a picture is worth a thousand words. At Ikonographia, we tell stories through the power of images, graphics and beyond. From a love story told through countless postcards to undiscovered archives of companies like Bugatti and Bburago.

It all started from a passion for vintage advertisements. The striking illustrations, the captivating messages, the history seeping through the pages of yellowed magazines were always fascinating. From there, the idea of Ikonographia was born. It later evolved to include photographs, prints, posters and vintage memorabilia to become a curated collection of stories through images across the ages, surrounded by all available context, including historical background and transcripts.

With images being at the heart of Ikonographia, we care deeply about their quality. Images are either original photos, reproductions from original prints, or sophisticated restorations of existing digital files. Most high-def images, along with memorabilia, are available for purchase.

Join us on this journey to discover the remarkable stories behind everyday images, objects, and experiences.​