A Passionate Kiss

Ferrara, Italy, March 1926. A passionate kiss started an aching love story told through a series of postcards between the two lovers, that always brought back to that first kiss. The correspondence lasted about two years but we believe the romance had a happy ending as the postcards were found together, as rejoined into a single story when the two protagonists finally came together.

Tonino and Amelia were an unlikely couple. Looking at the writing, we can tell that Amelia was highly educated, writing more elaborate letters, while Tonino’s replies were often simple and concise. But these differences only brought them closer.

We stumbled across the first set of postcards at a flea market in Gonzaga, Italy, and were immediately swept up by the passionate story. Luck would have it, we were able to find the remaining postcards piecing together, not only Tonino and Amelia’s story but also a snapshot of the time.

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