Author: Roberto Bigano

Portfolio Magazine by Brodovitch as never seen before. 1950

“Portfolio,” conceived by Frank Zachary and designed by Alexey Brodovitch, at the time, art director of the iconic Harper’s Bazaar magazine, was published in the Winter of 1950.
It was decided that Portfolio would run without ads, freeing up more space for the overall design. However, the enormous costs of the publication and lack of advertising revenue soon killed the magazine. Only three numbers were issued; the last was in the Spring of 1951.

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Flirting, Engagement, Weddings & Divorce in 1920s High Society. By Fish

A first compilation of pages from Vanity Fair and the book “High Society” on Flirting, Engagement, Weddings & Divorce, illustrated by Anne Fish.
Any double-page plate focuses on a specific topic providing a unique, rich lens into American and international high society’s lifestyles of the 1910s and 1920s. Rigorously in black and white, these inimitable sketches are completed with entertaining captions.

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Cadillac’s World War II Iconic Advertisements

On January 16, 1942, 39 days after Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt, with an executive order, created the War Production Board (WPB) to convert peacetime industrial production to meet the needs of the war.
Only 55 days after automobile production ended, Cadillac delivered the first tank. Just 17 days later, the second was shipped. Production was beginning to roll and soon to become a flood.

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