Ettore Bugatti himself designed his creations (together with his extremely talented son Jean, who later took to the drawing board alone). This extraordinary man had attended the Brera School of Art as a youth, yielding to an artistic streak.
He also demonstrated an astonishing ability for mechanical engineering and an amazingly eclectic mind in general. A man who had built his first car at the age of 20 and who personally designed everything down to the “ergonomic” interiors to his company’s automobiles.
As a consequence, all Bugatti’s literature (catalogs, advertisement, and posters as well as factory technical drawings), were¬†designed with great care and overseen by Ettore and Jean.

The posters, in particular, were created by the greatest artists of the time.
The next posts will focus on Bugatti’s literature, the stunning factory drawings, and fabulous vintage photos. Stay tuned!!