Bugatti Posters

Feb 22, 2018 | Bugatti, Design, Illustration, Vintage Cars

Bugatti Le Pur-Sang Des Automobiles. Art by Cassandre 1935

Obsessive attention to detail and hiring the best artists.

Ettore Bugatti himself designed all of his creations and his extremely talented son Jean, who later took to the drawing board alone. This extraordinary man had attended the Brera School of Art as a youth, yielding to an artistic streak.
He also demonstrated an astonishing ability for mechanical engineering and an amazingly eclectic mind in general. A man who had built his first car at the age of 20 and who personally designed everything down to the “ergonomic” interiors of his company’s automobiles.
Consequently, all Bugatti’s literature (catalogs, advertisements, and posters as well as factory technical drawings) were designed with great care and overseen by Ettore and Jean.
In particular, the posters were created by great artists of the time, including Cassandre, Renè Vincent, and more.

The next posts will focus on Bugatti’s literature, the stunning factory drawings, and fabulous vintage photos. Stay tuned!!

Bugatti. 1930
A Poster by René Vincent

Bugatti Type50 1932.
Artwork by Gerold.
Poster size: 51 x 35in / 129 x 90cm

Published by A.Trüb & Cie, Aarau, Switzerland

Le Pur-Sang Des Automobiles. 1935
An iconic 1935 Bugatti Poster by Cassandre, pseudonym of Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron.

Bugatti Automobiles et Autorails. 1935.

Art by R.Geri
Poster size: 38 x 23in. / 97 x 59cm.

Bugatti Type 57 Modeles 1939.

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